The White Horses of Camargue – Photography Adventure. I have been planning a trip to the South of France for many years now. Just waiting for the right moment. The white horses of Camargue France are probably the most famous horses in the world. It was so interesting the planning of me flying over to France to photograph the white horses. The Camargue is considered Wild West of France. The Camargue white horses were just so incredible to photograph all over the South of France. I will be selling the most beautiful fine art prints in black and white and a few in color. They will be mounted on Acrylic from medium to large size prints. I am working on loading a hand full of limited edition series fine art prints of the white Camargue horses too on my new website to showcase. For more fine art photography of the white horses swing by my website CLICK HERE.

White Camargue Horses from the South of France.