I’ve been asked several times “So Ray, what’s the story behind goodtimes?”  So, I decided to post this blog, mostly because it’s just a great story (at least to my wife and me it is). Here it goes… As most of you know my wife is a teacher. She is always coming home and sharing funny stories about the kids. These stories are always much more amusing to her than they are to me. Well, all except the stories about Justin. About 4 or 5 years ago she had a student named Justin. I loved hearing about that kids wild antics. The things he would say were just so witty for a 7 year old! So one day my wife tells me that Justin topped himself with the story he had told her that day. He said ” Mrs. Santana I’m really tired today.” And my wife in her maternal concern , asked him, “why”, thinking maybe he had a nightmare or something of the sort. He said “actually Mrs. Santana, my big brother was sleeping in my bed and he pissed all over me.” Now here comes the clincher…at the end of that matter of fact statement, he shook his head, drew in a long breath, and said…goodtimes. So ever since then my wife and I pepper everyday sentences with gooodtimes. Here are a few: The dog has diarrhea…goodtimes… That was a great dinner…goodtimes. Well you guys get the picture. Oh, and if you are wondering why I spell it the way I do, well that’s the way Justin would write it on his notes to my wife because he knew the phrase amused her. The phrase just spilled over into my writing when I started to blog. Justin will never really know how he infused humor in our lives…goodtimes



And here I thought it was a Kenny Kim original 🙂 So that’s the story behind this awesome phrase. Thanks for enlightening, my friend. Great post…goodtimes!!

Still a great story Ray!

Hilarious, Ray!!! A big “Ah-Ha” moment for us that see this on twitter, etc!

Everytime I hear that story it makes me laugh! Later Bro…

Good times indeed my friend. And I got that quote from you and started making it my own 🙂

Now that is a funny story Ray! I can only imagine that Anna would have had a hard time from laughing with that ending!